Thomas Pride is the pen name of an Australian based philosopher, inventor and writer - a true ancestor from his mother's side of the family. Over the years, he has experienced a multitude of careers including music, religion, politics, finance and technology. A diverse life of many stories, struggles and insights, reflected in the first of these stories.

Why the name Thomas Pride?

Thomas Pride (ca 1608-1658) is best known in modern history for being responsible for instigating Pride’s Purge - the event that enabled the parliamentary vote to condemn Charles I of England.

No mention is given in any official history books that he was the first Reeve (sheriff) of Buckshire, or that he was one of the first seven lords, (including lords Thomas Roth, Thomas Ire, Thomas Grei, Thomas Monck, Thomas Constable and Thomas Lusty) that formed the democratic republic known as the Commonwealth of Great Britain (1641-1658), or that the Commonwealth ever existed or is the source of what today is known as the “Common Law”.

In fact, his first name wasn't even Thomas - that was just a title, similar to the fact Cromwell (Will of the Krom, a Khazar word for warlord) was a title. Instead, his first name was Oliver. And while Pride died in the same and within a few weeks of the mysterious Cromwell, his birth is highly unreliable and as much a mystery. Furthermore, no mention is given in any official history books that he was the first Reeve (sheriff) of Buckshire. The only reliable evidence we have is that to be a "pride" was the worst sin of all. Worse than being a "wrath" (Thomas Roth) or "greed" (Thomas Grei) or any of the others. Certainly worse than being a "cromwell".