The word enthusiasm comes from the ancient Greek word eufousiasmz EN +THEOS meaning "inspired by or possessed by God".  
  The word comes from the ancient Orphic (Orpheus) religious belief system as well as the writings of Plato. The two key meanings in English of the word are:  
1. Possession by a god, supernatural inspiration, prophetic or poetic
ecstasy; and
2. Rapturous intensity of feeling on behalf of a person, cause, etc: passionate eagerness in any pursuit.
  It has been a traditional warning of ages, that it is our emotions that largely get human beings into trouble. Given the religious origins of the word enthusiasm and its meaning, it is understandable then that the word has been considered inferior to a great many other words such as love, bliss, joy.  
  In fact, a puritanical Christian definition of enthusiasm from the late 17th Century considers enthusiasm to be “fanciful, ill-regulated religious emotions or speculation.”  
  The qualities of enthusiasm  
  In spite of the apparent oddness of the literal English translation of the word ENTHEOS, enthusiasm represents the intensity management value determining the level to which a person commits themselves to feeling and doing what they are doing in the now moment.  
  By considering the words "possession by the NOW moment " instead of by a god, we can see in the word enthusiasm the Enthusiasm the full intensity of emotions and feelings of bliss that come those moments of feeling inspiration.  
  In considering the second definition, we see enthusiasm as the commitment of all our awareness (mind) and emotions (feelings) to the now moment. Whereas, the values of respect, honesty and consistency are largely disciplines of the mind- enthusiasm is the harnessing of that discipline with the full range of positive emotions at our disposal into the now moment.  
  Enthusiasm as one of the six (6) key present moment emotions  
  Enthusiasm is special as one of six (6) key emotions called the VIRS that may all be experienced simultaneously in the present moment of time. The others are (in order) respect, honesty, consistency, compassion and cheerfulness.  
  Unlike most negative emotions that rely upon a person shifting their focus primarily to the past, or the future, enthusiasm is firmly a "present moment" emotion.  
  Finding answers  
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