In the age of the Internet, many prematurely heralded the “death of books”. We could not disagree more passionately. Instead, we strongly feel the world is coming into a new age of quality books that will “open doors” in our minds to new possibilities, new models of society and opportunities.

Now is the Time

The challenge is, and will continue to be a question of time. Simply, many of us have adopted lifestyles that try to maximise our waking time. Even with the global issues and economic challenges of today, people have had little problem filling their day with activities, even if such things are not ultimately beneficial to our personal knowledge, skills or long term happiness.

The second challenge is, and will continue to be competing priorities. Printed and electronic books are usually passive, compared to the active and often persistent engagements of electronic applications (“apps”) and digital forums and mediums. So it makes sense that so many of us may be more interested in multi-media content than compared to the single medium of print or electronic publications.

Ucadia Books Company strongly feel that it is not necessarily a question of having to force books to compete against mediums such as video and apps that are better at commanding our attention. Instead, it is ensuring that the non-fiction titles of Ucadia Books Company are the most relevant and practical of their category and that people are eventually able to glimpse information about these titles through the amazing varieties and avenues of social media.