Our Philosophy

In a world drowning in more data than ever before, it seems incredible to contemplate that words and ideas could ever have the same meaning as they did before the Internet heralded a flood of online words, thoughts, memes, snippets, blogs, videos, photos and posts. Yet, even in the most recent of events, there is clear evidence that one powerful image, or one powerful statement or idea can transcend all the noise of modern life and capture the attention of the planet.

A different approach

We took a different approach to many others in this “age of clicks and likes”. Instead of pumping up more activity, promoting advertising and focusing on quantity, we took the extraordinary step of temporary ceasing our websites until the information and how it was published and used was improved and finished. For many, this decision was a shock and since 2016, there have been many calling on when Ucadia material would once again be made available.

Good Words and Ideas Matter

The original vision and philosophy of Ucadia was the collection and synthesis of the very best ideas and words of humanity. Yet this project quickly devolved into difficult areas of history and effect of uncovering the dark arts of propaganda, fake history and control that has so plagued generations on planet Earth. In a way this deviation was necessary to understand just how formidable the challenge to promoting ideas. But it also caused deeper soul searching as to what is the prime objective of Ucadia and Ucadia Books? The decision was made to ensure Ucadia did not lose sight of its first philosophy that good words and ideas matter.

Real Truth is – it is never hate speech

Real truth is – sometimes painful and often controversial. Yet when delivered with respect and in the context of good words and ideas, it is never hate speech. That is the blessing and the reason it has taken time to re-launch Ucadia and be able to present such beautiful works that honour the original mission of Ucadia – to ensure a consistent true voice. In the end it is up to you. When you read the works listed on this site and more, it will be you who is the judge whether we demonstrate sufficient respect to the power of important ideas, without hiding the truth.