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Signs of messiahs- bloodline
  Of all the signs of Messiahs, there is one above most others that has been considered the most reliable- the bloodline connection of a Messiah to traditional lines of Prophets and saints.  
  In history, four of the most famous divine bloodlines are: Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad.  
12.12.1 The Egyptian bloodlines  
  Probably the most famous and ancient of bloodline traditions are the Egyptian bloodlines. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were considered "gods" in their own right, but also carrying the pure blood of divine messengers. So obsessed were Egyptians in preserving and not diluting this "pure blood" connection to the Gods that they frequently married their own siblings to ensure no dilution of this connection.  
  By the time Alexander the Great and then successive conquerors took control over Egypt, there is no evidence of any of the royal bloodlines surviving in Egypt. The only historical record are those of surviving royal bloodline descendents fleeing to Ireland under the protection of the Priest/King celts.  
12.12.2 Abraham, Moses and King David  
  For Jews, the most famous and important bloodlines are those that are supposed to connect Abraham to Moses and then Moses to King David. This is the royal bloodline of Priest/Kings and the traditional belief that a bloodline has been blessed by God to be the Messiahs of the Chosen People.  
  So important is dependency to be connected in some tangible way to this bloodline that the New Testament goes out of its way to try to establish a continuing blood connection with Jesus to this traditional bloodline in order to qualify for the strict Judaic criteria of Messiah.  
  The Maccabeans, the last Priest/Kings of Judea before the Romans took control, were considered legitimate and direct descendents of this bloodline. However, there is much evidence to suggest that this bloodline was lost in the Middle East during this period and only in places such as Ireland (the Milesians) did this most ancient and traditional bloodline continue through the Priest/Kings of Ireland at Tara.  
12.12.3 The Holy Grail  
  The Holy Grail of famed quests and the Arthur legend and now more recently about the Da Vinci code was itself a code to describe one of the oldest and most secret beliefs of the early and late Middle Ages that Jesus did not die on the cross and instead fathered children who in turn had descendents from which all the legitimate Kings and Queens of Europe were descended.  
  While Royal historians frequently scoff at such suggestions, there is significant evidence that many royal dynasties of France, England, Spain and Germany took the "blue blood" tradition very seriously. Marriage was not only about politics and retaining power, but retaining this blood line and therefore the legitimate continuation of Priest/King status.  
  That being said, there is no evidence that such ancient bloodlines of the early few centuries of the 1st millennium have continued to hold Royal power. In most cases, it appears that war, disease, carelessness and opportunity has ended any clear link between this secret tradition and present day royal families.  
12.12.4 The Irish traditional bloodlines  
  Today, there are hundreds of families in Ireland that claim legitimate dependency from the famed Priest/Kings such as Cormac Mac Art and the Milesians.  
  Of all the ancient places of Europe and the Middle East, Ireland represents an extraordinary place in that it is the only location that experienced legitimate migrations of the most ancient Egyptian bloodlines as well as the most ancient Jewish bloodlines.  
  Notwithstanding the genocide of the English over the centuries, Ireland is the only place on the historic map of bloodlines where people possessing such heritage appeared to survive and live on today.  
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