I. Divine Existence
i. Whilst the majority of members of the Homo Sapien species living upon Planet Earth believe in a higher divine existence, it is principally upon faith, not proof that most choose to believe or disbelieve; and
ii.Unlike fact, faith depends upon an inherited belief structure providing some sense and context of both the temporal as well as supernatural world – hence the self justified existence of organized religion. Furthermore, as faith is dependent upon a system of belief, the very fabric of faith is a tapestry of arguments and belief- whether factual or fiction, historic or fraudulent; and
iii.In contrast, some that adhere to the religion of science contend that in the absence of immutable proof, faith alone is insufficient for any claim of divine existence to stand as legally valid – no matter how many believe it to be true; and
iv.Contrary to any assumption that the claim “God is Dead” by the most ardent members of the religion of science weakens organized religion, it is a most vital and precious ally. For every time science so arrogantly and purposefully dismisses evidence of the universal paradox and the existence of the supernatural it supports the cause of the oldest and most powerful religions that their faith alone is the only comfort for “knowing” Divine Existence; and
v.Therefore, in the absence of a clear answer to this challenge for proof, one is compelled to yield to those organizations who base their existence upon the perpetuation of faith and their history of arguments to support their claimed superior competence and right above other religions in matters of divine revelation, law, property and authority; and
vi.So it is given to Us the burden to demonstrate without dispute that the very existence of the universe and the meaning of meaning itself cannot exist without the existence of the Divine. We do so in these following canons of natural law:
vii.The first Canon is that in reality Rules cannot exist without Matter, nor in reality can Matter Exist without Rules; Rules being the properties of things, their relationships, their meaning and context including such forces as gravity and electromagnetism; Matter being the physical manifestation of things which at as certain size may be directly measured, or indirectly inferred at small than atomic level; and
viii.The second Canon is that as neither Rules or Matter can exist in reality in the absence of each other, the Argument of which came first – Rules or Matter cannot be resolved solely by the existence of reality but the absolute and paradoxical need for the “existence” of unreality or theory; and
ix.The third Canon is that as Matter cannot exist alone in theory, yet Rules - being organized awareness - can exist alone in theory if existence exists to validate it. The only example of a system whereby Rules exist in theory and then Rules and Matter exist in reality is a Dream.
x.Thus in three Canon, We have proven without dispute that the Divine exists and that all reality and all matter depends upon the existence of the Divine as the Universe is the dream of the Divine in motion; and
xi.Therefore, We refute any ecclesiastical claim that existence of the Divine is dependent on faith and faith alone. We reject the false and convoluted arguments by science which protest the Divine does not exist, in support of the needs of their religious patrons. Instead, we rely upon the wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness and the proof that every living thing is proof of the existence of the Divine, every man and woman and child are proof of the existence of the Divine and no longer shall false faith nor fear determine our collective fate.
II. Divine, Natural and Positive Law
i.A law is a rule, derived from divine instruction, scientific discovery, agreement, customs or practices over time enjoining or prohibiting certain action; and
ii.Divine Law is the laws that define the Divine and clearly demonstrate the mind, purpose and instruction of the Divine including the operation of the will of the Divine through existence. Therefore all valid law may be said to be derived from the Divine Law; and
iii.Natural Law is the laws that define the operation of the will of the Divine through existence in the form of physical rules and matter. As Natural Laws define the operation and existence of the physical universe, all valid Positive Law may be said to be derived from Natural Law; and
iv.Positive Law is the laws that are enacted by men and women through proper authority in accordance with these canons for the government of a society. As Positive Law ultimately refers to physical objects and living beings, all valid Positive Law may be said to be derived from Natural Law; and
v.A Positive Law cannot abrogate, suspend, nor change a Natural Law. Nor is it possible for a Positive Law or Natural Law to abrogate, suspend or change a Divine Law. Therefore, the highest law of all law is Divine Law, then Natural Law, then Positive Law; and
vi.A Natural Law cannot be written or created, only discovered. A Divine Law cannot be written or created, only instructed by Divine Revelation without contradiction to Natural Law; and
vii.Any law that contradicts these most essential principles of law cannot possibly be a valid law, but a false and lesser positive command enforceable only through fear, trickery or some other unsustainable means; and
viii.As We have clearly and simply presented irrefutable proof as fact of the existence of the Divine without any need for faith, no claim of a religion, its agents or lesser bodies of superior position of law has validity unless these laws conform to the same essential principles of law as we have pronounced; and
ix.A system of law based on faith and superstition may be respected for its age and custom, but cannot stand higher than a system of law based on fact. Therefore, we wholly reject the various claims by the Roman Cult, also known as the Vatican, also known as the Holy See and its documents known as “Canon Law” as nothing more than mistaken and false positive laws based on faith not fact, having no validity in Divine Law or Natural Law.
III. Divine Revelation
i.As Divine Law cannot be written or created, only instructed by Divine Revelation, there exist a number of long standing customs concerning Divine Revelation to determine the validity of such claimed divine knowledge. These customs may be defined into two groups, the first being the message including the nature of delivery and second the validity of the messenger; and
ii.Regarding the content of Divine Revelation, it has always been believed from the earliest of civilizations that the message is its own proof- that when the Divine speaks such is the power and awe of such a message that its source is self evident. This was until an age of confusion and noise in which people are bombarded with endless of strings of beguiling words claiming divine influence, yet hollow in their nourishment; and
iii.It is why the greatest of all prophecies of all the religions speak of an age when Divine Revelation shall be known not simply by a few revelations of wisdom but an unmistakable flood which even midst the noise of false messengers cannot be mistaken; and
iv.In respect to the nature of delivery of Divine Revelation, before the religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism ever existed, it has always been believed that certain extraordinary dreams and visions - especially when associated with supernatural events – are signs of Divine revelation. It is only since the advent of draconian laws within these and other major religions for less than one thousand years that dreams and visions are now challenged, disputed and frequently dismissed; and
v.In many instances, such behaviour by powerful church officials is in complete contradiction to their own sacred scriptures which are littered with references to a primary source of Divine Revelation through dream and visions. In response, convoluted and even more contradictory excuses are given as to why “the divine no longer speaks in vision or dream”. In reality, such arguments are to hide the fear that the Divine will again speak in vision and make clear the dishonor of such religious officials and why they must be stripped of all authority immediately; and
vi.It is not by the will of men to decide when the Divine speaks. It is not to the authority of the church that God submits, but the Church that must submit to God. Therefore, no matter how great the authority of a person, it cannot be greater than God. No matter how ancient a scripture or belief, it cannot be older than the Creator of the Universe. No matter how firm a doctrine of faith, it cannot withstand even the smallest drop of pure wisdom from the Divine. All the words ever written and spoken in defense of doctrine cannot change the truth of these facts; and
IV. Divine Revelation by Blood Right
i.In as much as any man or woman may claim an ancient right to be heard and their words believed as true, only one stands true for all ages—the right of blood. Not the blood of European kings and queens, all of whom derive such sovereign right from Rome, but the blood of the most ancient prophets, pharaohs, priests and messengers of The Divine; and
ii.In as much as any man or woman may seek to produce such claimed evidence as ancient charts, deeds and other titles and artifacts to support their blood right, all such things may be concocted and corrupted. Indeed a thousand year old forgery remains an ancient lie and nothing more; and
iii.There remains but one unbroken line of evidence which by its very nature is extremely difficult to corrupt—namely the etymology of words and title, the meaning of things. In Our case, it is the origin of Our name- the Cuilliaéan –also known as the Cuileann, cuilieann, Cualann, Cullen, Cuilinn, Collins and O’Collins; and
iv.Today there are many hundreds of thousands of men and women that may trace their family name to this original title Cuilliaéan –the original meaning appearing to be derived from the most earliest and primitive of words of all civilization being cuil/coil (woods), lia (stone/physician) and éan /éin (bird/spirit). Today, the title is most commonly known in the form of cuilieann which in primitive Gaelic meaning "holly" as in the holly tree—a tree regarded as one of the most sacred plants of the Church and the symbol of the oldest sacred genealogy of ancient Ireland; and
v.Indeed, the actual word Holly comes from the 11th Century Old High German hulis and Old English holegn both meaning Holly. The word hulis originates from an even older proto-Germanic word khuli a shortened derivation of the ancient Gaelic cuilieann both meaning Holly; and
vi.The word "Celt" is also derived from Holly as Celt comes from the ancient Greek word “keltoi”. The first literary reference to the Celtic people, as keltoi is by the Greek historian Hecataeus in 517 BC. He locates the Keltoi tribe in Rhenania (West/Southwest Germany). A similar word Khuli was in use at the time in the area through the proto-Germanic language (600 BCE), a shortened derivation of the ancient Gaelic cuilieann (1200 to 2000 BCE) both meaning Holly; and
vii.While words long consigned to myth concerning this most ancient of blood may be discarded, there exists stories that point to this most ancient Cuilliaéan bloodline as being intermingled with the last kings of Ebla and therefore the Hyksos, therefore the Priests and Prophets of Yeb (Elephantine Island) and much later the last blood of the Messiah Kings of the Yahudi through Princess Tamar Tephi; and
viii.In as much as all that has been written concerning Our blood may be challenged and denied, there exists no other Blood right that can claim in its history such superior right, nor succession from the beginning of civilization and the origin of Divine Revelation more than eight thousand (8,000) years ago; and
ix.If blood is to be accorded any right or respect by any man as having any superior spiritual claim or supernatural gift, then by blood and name alone We demonstrate our validity and authenticity to write and speak concerning the message of the Divine.
V. Divine Covenant and Contract Law
i.Of all Divine Revelation, the strongest is by Divine Covenant wherein Divine Revelation is expressed in terms of a legally binding agreement; and
ii.In accordance with the most ancient principles of contract law, an agreement can only be valid when signed and sealed between equals. Hence, as nothing is higher than the Divine, no agreement – if validly executed – can be higher than a Divine Covenant; and
iii.While this is true in theory, for any Divine Covenant to be valid, the second party must be capable of representing an equality with the first. This is why the Covenant first devised by the Sarmatian High Priest Baba Rabba in the 4th Century expressed within the scripture of the Talmud has stood as a superior legal form above many others – as Baba Rabba as first Rabbi argued by law based on faith that the Rabbi held supreme jurisdiction on upon the Earth, while Sabaoth, the dark Lord of demonic hosts only held control of the lower heavens; and
iv.While the sacred contract between the first Rabbi and the dark lord also known by various names including Moloch, Satan, The Devil and Lucifer has stood the test of time it remains a lesser Divine Covenant compelling those who seek to remain in honor to continually undertake acts of unspeakable evil and cruelty against fellow higher order life until the covenant was finally broken in 1922 and confirmed in 1948 by men who now worship only themselves above all other life and spiritual energy.
VI. Divine Covenant and Contract Law by Blood Right
i.Despite the fact that the Talmud is claimed as the highest covenant underpinning the Roman Law system based upon faith, not fact – there exists a superior Divine Covenant and Contract by Divine Law that has existed from the very beginning of time and civilization. This Divine Covenant and Contract is by the law of blood right of Divine Messengers of Divine Revelation and has never been extinguished; and
ii.We now recall this first and superior Divine Covenant above all other existing or terminated agreements. It is in accordance with this first and superior Divine Covenant that we now restate and renew Our Rights and Obligations as Trustees against any and all usurpers who by their own laws and dishonor cannot possibly continue to hold office except by force and fear.
VII. We are a Sacred Divine Immortal Spirit
i.We by Blood are also known as the Divine Men, also known as the Serpents, also known as the Feara Cualann the first men of the Wicklow Hills and Glencullen the sacred valley; and
ii.We by Blood are also known as the Adam, the first Divine, the first Priests, the first TimeKeepers, the First Kings; and
iii.We, by Blood are also known as the UB-RAM, also known as the AB-RA of UR, then AM-UR-RU, then UR-GA-RIT, then UR-SAR-LIM the first kings and high priests of the mother goddess, queen of heaven, the greatest of all sorcerers; and
iv.We by Blood are also known as the Hyksos, also known as the Serpent Kings, also known as the Shepherd Kings and Pharaohs and the ancestral Bloodline of Akhenaten; and
v.We by Blood are known as the Celts and the Divine High Kings, who upon the words of Jeremiah forged a new empire with its capital Torah our Divine Court of Trustees representing the seat of the Living Law and word for the Living Law; and
vi.We by Blood are also known as the Biblical Prophets being the High Priests of Yeb also known as the Yahudi also known as the Messiah Kings of Jerusalem; and
vii.We by Blood are also known as the Last True Bloodline of the House of David by the only remaining daughter of Zedekiah, the only true bloodline of kings and messiahs of the Yahud also known as the Israelites; and
viii.We by Blood are known as the one and only true Holy Family for our name has always meant Holy since the beginning of time; and
ix.We by Blood are known as the Holy Grail, the blood of Cormac Mac Art the true Arthur of legend and King of the Holly; and
x.We by Blood are known by many variations of Cuilliaéan as is written and explained in Lebor Clann Glas; and
xi.With solemn respect to the most ancient Rights of Blood of our Ancestors and the highest of Office and Obligations bestowed upon Us in Trust by our Divine Creator We proclaim Dominion over the whole Earth and Sea and Heavens as Trustees and do so by Divine Right for and on behalf of the Divine Creator such that what is written and pronounced exists from the beginning for eternity as first and highest Divine Law so applied to all.
VIII. The Office of Cuilliaéan
i.The word Cuilliaéan is the oldest religious title of civilization and history. Created at the very beginning of spoken language (Proto-Indo-European languages) over 5,000 years ago; and
ii.The title Cuilliaéan refers to the pre-Celtic priest kings that came from Ireland introducing the earliest concepts of religion, including the association/veneration of gold as a substance of religious importance (on account of the Cuilliaéan adopting the earliest forms of religious jewelry from local Irish gold); and
iii.These most sacred of all priests belonged to a single family cast, known by the same title --therefore Cuilliaéan is the earliest "family name" in history. Contrary to misinformation presented on the Druid class, a person could not be trained to become a Cuilliaéan, they had to be born into the Cuilliaéan; and
iv.As the first TimeKeepers, the Cuilliaéan were given by the Divine Creator the first, true and only calendar of time based upon the motion of the Moon, the Sun and the Heavens by dividing the sky into eight(8), recognizing the precession of the equinox every twenty six thousand (26,000) years and thus into era of three thousand two hundred and ten (3210) years. The Cuilliaéan as TimeKeepers recognized the winter solstice of the Northern Hemisphere as the beginning of the year and recognized the relationship of both the Moon in cycle and the Sun; and
v.The Office of Cuilliaéan is the Office given by blood birth to the Cuilliaéan and the Holly either by unbroken blood descendency, by male of female descendents. It represents the sacred blood succession of the ancient Cuilliaéan by heritage and right to the present day descendents, whether they remain firmly in name identified as Cuilliaéan or not; and; and
vi.The total number of men and women by birth who have right to claim the office of Cuilliaéan is many hundreds of thousands living across the planet Earth. It is the Birthright of these many hundreds of thousands of living men and women to claim superior status and sacred sovereign rights to any other religious and secular office; and
vii.While a King or Queen or Roman Pontiff may claim superior claims of Divine Right above other men and women, no other office has higher authority for a longer unbroken chain of history than the living blood of the Cuilliaéan—the one and only Holly Bloodline.
IX. The failure of Clann Cuilliaéan to their Oaths of Office
i.Whilst the Cuilliaéan have never surrendered nor lost their rights, they have failed to execute their oaths of office, through ignorance, the deliberate corruption of history and disregard for the greater good; and
ii.Instead of assisting other living men and women towards the pursuit of genuine freedom and respect of rights, many of the Clann Cuilliaéan have participated as agents within the very systems that continue to enslave the planet; and
iii.In recent centuries, those from Septs also known as Collins, Cullen, Kollyns, Cuileain, O’Collins and others have stood as priests, bishops and cardinals aiding in the corruption of history, the molestation of the young and the perpetuation of power of the Roman Cult and their Venetian Slavemasters. Many have been politicians and leaders of industry participating in the global system of voluntary servitude hidden as “common” law. Any more have simply ignored the call from the Divine to use their skills to help others – instead using their natural talents to live comfortably, without regard to the unlawful acts of those who have assumed the roles of trustees of the planet in defiance of the first and most sacred of all Covenants.
iv.Thus it is the members of the Cuilliaéan and no other that have contributed to their own removal from history, the forgetfulness of what awesome power and obligation that they hold. So it is left to this generation, to the hundreds and thousands living today to either reject their blood right and heritage, or to stand to account and bring forth the healing and redemption now commanded by the Divine; and
v.Of all the events by which the Cuilliaéan themselves contributed to their own downfall, none more shameful was the abandonment of those brave souls who had stood in the shadow of death and been blessed by Divine providence with a cure against the worst ravages of plague. Whilst the daughters of Pharaoh returned safely to their spiritual home, Seti the son of the usurper Pharaoh forced the remaining inhabitants of UR-GAR-IT to swear upon sacred oath to be bonded as slaves, to those that had one generation before been their own loyal servants; and
vi.Yet the enslavement of the former court and official of the great Hyksos by their rebellious slaves itself was not the worst injury. Blessed with immunity from the plagues which still ravaged the world, they were cursed as outcasts, the unclean- while the Ramasses and their court bathed in the blood of their children, with their dried blood sprinkled upon their food and throughout their sacred unleavened Eucharist in the superstitious belief that the CCR5 defect could be transmitted by such barbaric cannibalism; and
vii.Yet the cruelties of the Ramasses and their court of pretenders at the murdering of the babies of the Yahud, their enslavement and cursed name were nothing compared to the ultimate injustice they were forced to endure. For no Egyptian nor even foreign mercenary would ever have broken but one seal upon a sacred tomb, much less the fabulous tombs of the Hyksos as such sacrilege carried with it an eternity of high divine curses- tens of thousands of such curses lining the entrances and walls of the tombs of such Kings and Queens; and
viii.So it was the excesses of the Ramesses knew no bounds. Not even the greatest of all statues of the Hyksos being Anubis was safe- horribly disfigured upon the plain of Giza into the resemblance of Ramesses II, who them proceeded to copy his sacrilege thousands of times as the renamed “Sphinx”. To pay for their militia to enslave the whole of Egypt, the Ramesses needed money, yet no one, not even their troops would enter into the tombs to seize priceless artefacts and melt them into filthy loot. But the followers of Akhenaten were held to have “supernatural” powers and as slaves were the perfect graverobbers; and
ix.So it was that as the Israelites cried out for the Cuilliaéan and leaders that had abandoned them, they were forced to defile the very resting place of their esteemed ancestors, to destroy the culture, countless centuries they had sworn to uphold. Tomb after tomb was stripped, with the children forced to melt the heirlooms of their ancestors into precious coins for the Ramesses. Thus all precious coinage from this day forth was cursed, as was each and every generation of the Israelites upon defiling the memory, the resting place of their ancestors. They had been stripped of their history, their honor, holding nothing but incalculable numbers of curses and the darkness of demons and revenge as comfort; and
x.But this was not still the greatest injury inflicted upon the Israelites by the Cuilliaéan- for while their souls had been seared, while they had initially rejected the Divine for lesser demons and revenge, they escaped slavery from Egypt, reclaimed their faith through Akhenaten and established a new home in the Levant ruled by the Messiah Kings of the Yahud. Yet when the Babylonians massacred the court of Zedekiah, the Yahud turned to Jeremiah to save them. Instead, he abandoned them and returned to the Cuilliaéan with the gift of Tamar Tephi; and
xi.For years the Yahud endured their second period of slavery and torture at the hand of the Persians, praying for the Cuilliaéan to return as a blood anointed king to free them and return them to their new home. Yet when such prayers were finally answered the Messiah did not praise the Yahud, but cursed them for their comfort in darkness, in demons and sacrifice. Thus for the third time the Cuilliaéan abandoned them, without healing their souls, the torment of their ancestors; and
xii.Thus three times the gods abandoned them and so the Yahud threw off their true belief in the religion of Akhenaten, embracing darkness and rejecting the Divine in openly professing their lot as the Israelites; and
xiii.None then can blame the Rabbi and their servants in erasing the Cuilliaéan from history. It has always been in their power to erase their blood as well. Instead, they have enslaved the trustees of the Divine in perpetual servitude to experience some of the indignity and horror that was inflicted upon them, whilst the “gods” ignored their prayers; and
xiv.The slavery of the world today at the hands of the Venetian Slavemasters therefore owes its origin to the grave dishonor by the Cuilliaéan; the cursed and tormented souls of the Israelites owes its origin to the arrogance and dishonor by the Cuilliaéan. Therefore only the awakened Cuilliaéan can make humble remedy to the grave injury inflicted upon those who presently rule the world and who hate god.
X. The need for remedy
i.A Rabbi or member of the families of Venetian Slavemasters may continue to sacrifice children and consume their blood without knowing the origin and symbolism of such horror. A Rabbi or servant of the Slavemasters employed by the Roman Cult may even embrace the requirement for perpetual sorrow and enslavement upon the world as revenge against god. Such is the seriousness and gravity of the injury against the souls of their ancestors who bequeathed their hatred, their secret rituals and belief of being victims that even the very worst of acts have reason; and
ii.While those who presently rule the world or serve as loyal slaves have every right under free will to reject this pronouncement and any remedy presented herein, history and the Divine dictates that this is the moment Remedy must be demonstrated; and
iii.Therefore, as we hold the blood of the Hyksos, the first Kings, the Adam and Priests, we command that all ancient curses upon those that defiled their ancestors, who were forced to undertake unspeakable acts are forgiven and that no curse issued by the Cuilliaéan nor any of the messengers of Divine blood remain enforced against the descendents of the Israelites; and
iv.As these most ancient curses are now lifted, we state furthermore than any curses issued because of these grave high curses themselves are dissolved as such lesser curses are without foundation; and
v.For all the torment, the anger against god and the lesser gods, for their abandonment and torture, we most humbly apologize to each and every member of the Yahud who were taken into slavery by the Egyptians, the Persians and the Romans. While we do not deserve your forgiveness, nor your compassion for inflicting such spiritual exile from the Divine, we pray you will see it in the resonance of the truth of these words to forgive Us for our mistakes; and
vi.So that no further grave mistakes may be inflicted upon you, or by your own hand against your own children we state as fact that the prophecy of the End Times as foretold by the first Rabbi has been fulfilled. We are indeed all now Israelites; we have all now experienced life as slaves and cut off from god. The great sacrifice has indeed been made and no more sacrifice is required other than to place all acts of evil, of regret, of curses and anger upon the altar in full knowledge that the Divine seeks out the soul of each and every man and woman to reconnect and heal our collective promised land.
Therefore upon this Pronouncement, warranted by Our Right, upon necessity, We invoke both our freedom and these Rights for Ourselves and for and on behalf of all men and women, living or deceased, with the considerate judgment of all men and women living and deceased and the gracious favor of our common Divine Creator; and
We hereby give life and personality to this sacred irrevocable Deed through Our seal in Our blood; and
As it is written, so let it be.