UCA and human mind (awareness)
  The summary of previous chapters enables us to come to a higher level of understanding than simply a new subject on human nature, awareness and death to which we know nothing.  
  We come to Chapter 18 after journeying through Chapter 1 to Chapter 17 of a model called UCA- Unique Collective Awareness.  
  As a model of an idea about and idea, we have considered that what we see and feel as real is in fact a dream, UCA is the dreamer, an idea, a unique idea, paradox of life, logos, laws of creation, unita, quarks, protons, photons, ergons, atoms, molecules, stars, galaxies, our solar system, earth and life.  
  Our understanding so far is of a model, an idea that shows synchronicity from the smallest to the largest. From nothing to the absolute. Whatever ideas we discuss, fact or not, they must all fit somewhere between the boundaries of nothing and everything.  
  Our understanding therefore comes not just from what we will learn than what we already know and will remember, because we are part of UCA and UCA.  
18.4.1 Our birth  
  What we know from Chapter 16 is our birth, our wondrous birth to this world is a journey of far exceeding richness and texture than we may have ever previously imagined.  
  The miracle of birth, so apart in describing not an ugly foetus, but a journey from the very beginning of life itself on earth, to the present day. An experience of life as it was for our ancestors and how it is fro our cousins, uncles and parent species.  
  That we were and are at once, brothers and sisters in existence as an ancestor to the bacteria on the surface of a still, warm pond. That we are cousins of distant trees, birds, flowers, fish, lizards, marsupials, whales, dolphins, primates, dogs, cats and other humans.  
  What we have seen is the concept that life a foetus, life as an embryo mirrors the journey of life on earth itself.  
18.4.2 Our three brains  
  We see that our cognition is not just one brain, but the adaption of three neural systems. WE now understand that our physical mind is that more complex than seemingly simple cognition of self thought "I". "I exist. I am human."  
  In three brains we see three different and specialized sets of systems- having evolved for specific purposes- having commonality of ancestry.  
18.4.3 The innate intelligence of cells  
  We see and understanding in the innate intelligence of cells, in math calculation of geometry and in symbol recognition- sensing. We see the function and ability of the neuron in cognition and marvel at the cognitive ability of the human brain system.  
18.4.4 The existence of the creation laws at every level of matter  
  What we know extends beyond our immediate awareness of form further- to the world of protons, ergons and photons. That the laws of creation exist at each and every level. That as part of these worlds, our awareness is broader and splendid as the stars, galaxies, planets and atoms. And further still, to the very act of free will of absolute existence- the 12 laws being:  
AEONS- The 12 Laws of being human
1. Goal law I wish to exist. 7. Awareness of position in dimension I think, therefore I am.
2. Logos law To exist, I use common sense

8. Immediate near neighbours As I exist in 3 dimensional space, I can only interact with immediate near neighbours according to the laws of common sense

3. Creation law To exist, I exist as something I want 9. Exclusiveness of position No other person can be me.
4. Co-dependence law For I to exist, you exist For you to exist, I exist 10. Change of position To exist, I move to work, home, birth.For you to exist, I change position
5. Specialization law For I to exist, you exist as (employer, mother, father, creator). For you to exist, I exist as a specialist, worker, provider. 11. Conservation of effort Using the laws of common sense, I use the minimum required motion to achieve my goal
6. Geometry

12. Change of position can never interact faster than my fastest rate.

18.4.5 The physical structure of intelligence and senses  
  We understand the physical structure of intelligence and physical senses. We understand the meaning of intelligence as physical equipment and specialized sub routines.  
18.4.6 The dream that is the universe we see and feel  
  For all that you have read, one constant remains throughout- the existence of UCA- Unique Collective Awareness. The collective dream (UNITAS). That the universe(UNITAS) is a dream and we are in the dream and part of the dreamer (UCA). That we are a combination of dream and reality. We are life (CORPUS)- middle way between the seemingly cold reality of lonely space and the eternal possibilities of dream.  
  What we see as real- this reality is in fact: a dream. And what we think, feel and dream is real- the real world. A complete reversal of where we place our understanding of the importance of the world, and our thoughts and actions. That our thoughts and interactions as a human being are vitally important for our well being beyond human life- but to the longer and future life beyond human life as higher awareness.  
  That we are in a dream, we need to define the concepts of human awareness and death as context of death within a dream. Suddenly the subject opens up so many possibilities. When we consider death in terms of a dream, we can see an immediate personal understanding and proof to the concept of what happens when we die. We have all had dreams that have "died" and been reborn, only differently.  
18.4.7 You are already immortal  
  While the subject will require more definition, the question of life beyond death has been discussed at length within the concept of the dream UNITAS. So far we have identified at no point does the dream break down. It is flawless in its eternal existence, yet unendingly becoming more complex as life unfolds.  
  If one point of UCA ceased to exist, then the entire fabric of existence would collapse and objects as large and complex as galaxies would die instantly. The infinitely complex and large object that is the universe (UNITAS), the one dream would cease. Existence would cease.  
  It is like if we woke up this morning and dreamt of our ideal life and then at some point started thinking of something else completely different. Our first dream ceased to be.  
  We are made up of trillions upon countless trillions of atoms that in turn are made from thousand of points of UCA which in turn is awareness- that like our dreams has no location and all locations.  
  Given the universe will not cease when we die, nor will the awareness that makes us living this very moment. The universe does not conspire for our mortality. It devotes all its resources into ensuring that which makes us who we really are continues for eternity.  
  Our journey does not end at mortality, it goes on. In this chapter we seek to provide some detail to this journey in preparation for the deeper journey of self.  
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