Pre 15,000 BCE- Helios- The city of the Gods
  We begin with the first model city of civilization. Based on the earliest writings of the earliest cultures (including Egyptian, Sumerian, Asian and Sth America) civilization was considered a "gift from the gods." Even the Christian Bible maintains that the keys to civilization such as writing, words and ideas are all gifts from God.  
  In ancient Greek legend, the Gods possessed their own city (or cities) before humans walked the Earth. Given (a) gods were seen by our oldest ancestors to be the bringer of civilization and (b) they reputedly had their own cities, then it must follow that the city of the gods must be the first model city of human civilization.  
20.28.1 Where was the city of the Gods and what was its name?  
  For all the archeology that has taken place (to date), at no point has irrefutable evidence in the form of skeletal remains or building remnants been found that points to a colony or city of "gods" (aliens, higher order life etc) having existed on Earth.  
  Possibly, such evidence may one day come to light. However, we only have the stories and legends of cities of the gods existing prior to human existence in the writings of the most ancient of human cultures.  
  No clear direction can be given as to the exact place of such supposed settlements. Nor can we gauge the actual name of the supposed city. For this reason, we choose the name Helios, or sun city to signify this model of all models of cities.  
20.28.2 What was the architecture and structure of Helios?  
  Ancient writings of Greece in particular, describe a place not dissimilar to the traditional Type I human cities of the centre of the city being prominently signified by a large temple to the supreme gods, with smaller temples fanning out for the lesser gods.  
  The city itself,supposedly had all the key building components expected of an ancient city including store houses for food, and even walls.  
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