Ucadia Books Company is proud to represent Thomas Pride and the official authorised publication of books written under the name of Ucadia. We look forward to represent quality authors in the coming future.

Publication and Adaptation Rights

Ucadia Books Company holds the Publication and Adaptation Rights for the current and future works of Thomas Pride and Ucadia. In the case of Ucadia, these rights are legally assigned from the Delaware Statutory Trusts known as the OCollins Foundation Trust and Ucadia Foundation Trust via the Guardians and Trustees Company as Trustees.

Publication and Adaptation Rights enable Ucadia Books Company to maximise the potential mediums and methods of publication of such quality works, including the significant investment in time and resources to such projects as publication in multiple languages and mediums, including audio books.

Potential New Authors

While Ucadia Books Company is not accepting any new authors in 2020, in 2021, it is expected the company will be looking to accept up to a maximum of three new authors.

We Do Not Accept Unsolicited Submissions

Unfortunately Ucadia Books Company does not and cannot accept unsolicited submissions from published or unpublished authors. Such submissions will be returned, with a copy of our policy on unsolicited submissions.