As most people already know, written, carved and spoken law has been around for as long as human civilisation itself. Yet, what is less well known is just how stable and enduring the fundamental principles of law and rules have been for thousands of years, until the last few hundreds of years.

The concept that no one is above the law and that all are equal before the same laws, has been a foundation maxim of all higher systems of law since the time of the Sumerian and Ebla civilisations more than five thousand years ago. Sadly, humanity has also been plagued throughout its existence by systems of psuedo-law that attempt to justify such moral repugnancies as slavery, poverty, racism, sexism and elitism.

We live at a time when such memory of the consistent maxims of law is clouded and confusing: There are many powerful people who proclaim no one is above the law, yet in the same breath demonstrate a contempt for such a maxim when they change the laws to suit themselves and claim immunity from questioning or prosecution; and there are many who claim to seek justice and rights for oppressed minorities, by then oppressing the rights and fairness of the majority.

Ucadia Books Company are proud to bring forth a series of texts called the Maxims of Law, carefully researched and developed over thirty years, to help people re-connect to ancient wisdom and truth of law.